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The model Lunette Pannocchiali is made of Nylon Grilamid TR90, a hypoallergenic nylon that gives the eyewear a particular lightness compared to conventional materials and a greater resistance to shocks, high temperatures and chemical agents. It also has another important feature: shape memory, which allows it to be slightly modified in its structure, then automatically returning to its original shape. In this way the models, although in one size, easily adapt to every shape of the face. The lenses are made of Nylon, a high-performance material and have a considerable impact resistance while maintaining a great lightness. All the lenses have been subjected to anti-radiation treatment, which reduces annoying reflections or halos around the light sources and guarantees protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays up to 400 nm, but does not ensure an adequate defense against direct UV rays. For this reason the glasses are not to be used for direct observation of the sun (including solar eclipses) and for exposure to ultraviolet radiation produced from original sources; these conditions could put your safety at risk. Mirror models greatly reduce the light that reaches your eyes and absorb 10% -60% more than non-mirrored lenses.

The particularity of the pannocchiali is given by the lunettes. The hook designed and built by Pannocchiara allows a safe and simple application. The lenses have been equipped with a special joint through which it is possible to hook and unhook the lunettes from the lower part of the frame; no magnets or screws are necessary to personalize the product, it's sufficient to detach the bezel from the side of the frame where the bar is hooked and pull slightly. In the same way, just place it next to the nose piece and then hook it to reattach it to the lens. The lunettes are made of TR60, a material which has a considerable resistance to guarantee a product that does not deform during use. The colors with patterns are obtained through the sublimation process, ensuring a precise definition and sharpness of colors and textures.