Chi siamo?

Chiara and Carlo Sartori, are a singer and a biker, united by a cascade of hair and Pannocchiara. Precisely from Chiara's hair, blonde cob, the company takes its name, and propose to the market a new line of high quality sunglasses, the result of an original and young intuition, in step with fashion. A new business idea, developed between e-commerce, social networks and Instagram shots to follow the wave of new commercial technologies. Pannocchiara finds the answer to every whim of the curly Sartori and all their colleagues, friends, peers, who seek a cheeky, fun and multifaceted style like reality.


The Pannocchiali are an original project by Chiara Sartori, born from the need to have sunglasses to adapt every day to their own style, unique and personal. The glasses thanks to different colors of mirrored lenses and not, are already rich in charisma, but the touch that makes them unique in their kind are the interchangeable LUNETTE. The Lunette of the Pannocchiali hooks and unlatch from the bottom of the lenses and exist in different colors and patterns, to adapt to your "moons", mood or even just as an original detail for your outfit. In two unisex models, the Pannocchiali, designed and manufactured in Italy with high quality equipment, offer you a product that adapts to any type of face thanks to the material with which they are produced. In this way for each there exists a combination of small panicultures-lunettes.