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The models of the Basic collection are made of a hypoallergenic, resistant and light material: the TR-95, a hard, sturdy and flexible nylon characterized by shape memory. This material allows the frame to adapt easily to the face when it is fitted and has an elastic "memory" that allows it to automatically return to its original shape. The extreme flexibility of this material allows the frame to be worn perfectly from everyone despite having been developed in one size. The Basic Eyeglasses mount polarized lenses that guarantee protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays up to 400 nm, but does not provide an adequate defense against direct UV rays. They should therefore not be used for direct observation of the sun (including solar eclipses) and for exposure to ultraviolet radiation produced by artificial sources; these conditions could put your safety at risk. Polarized lenses greatly reduce the reflected light energy, which is primarily responsible for reverberation, almost eliminating it. Thanks to their action the contrasts are better perceived, the vision becomes sharper even in the distance, the colors are more natural and saturated, so that the vision undergoes a minor alteration.